Strawberry Santa Hat Cookies

I saw a picture of these on a recipe site a while back (sorry can't remember which one, but if someone knows tell me so I can give them credit).  My boys love strawberries so begged me to make some during Christmas time.  They are sooooo easy to make.  Here is how.

Make sugar cookie circles with No Fail Sugar Cookie Dough ( click on the name or see recipes) , or any sugar cookie recipe you like.  I did two different sizes just in case (but don't worry I ended up making snow ball cookies with the bigger circles.  The snow ball cookies will be in the next post.)  I ended up using the smaller ones because they were closer to the size of the strawberries.  The cutter was a 2 inch cutter, but it really depends on how big your strawberries are so do a couple sizes.

The hardest part is buying a package (or a couple) of strawberries that have the most points.  The strawberry on the left is perfect and the one of the right is just saved for the kids for later.  I did end up buying two packages and taking the pointy ones out of both so I would have enough.  Cut the strawberry to take off the greens and make it flat.

Take your circle cookie and squirt some Cream Cheese Frosting (cream cheese frosting is best but you can use a buttercream if you want) on it and add the strawberry.  (This helps keep the strawberry in place and keeps the strawberry juices from soaking the cookie.  No one likes a mushy cookie).  Then using a Wilton tip 21  (star tip) Pipe little stars around the base of the strawberry and one big one on top.  And you have a Santa hat!  See super easy and cute!


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