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Turn Oreos into edible St. Patrick’s Day Gold Coins

Oreos are a simple and easy cookie for parties or get togethers.  But, what if you couldmake it more festive for your party? You could cover with chocolate or turn them into truffles, but what if you could do something even easier! Below you will see how you can turn a plain Oreo into a gold coin quickly and easily for your St. Patricks Day party.  And what if I told you that you could make these for under $15 dollars, under $10 if you use the Luster Dust instead of the spray! Here is what you need: Oreos, any flavor works Wilton Gold Color Mist Antique Gold Luster Dust Paint brush used only for food.
Now lets make some coins!
You can use regular Oreos or mini Oreos (but keep in mind out of the couple packages of mini Oreos that I used at least half of the Oreos were scawampus or lopsided, where as the regular ones are almost always perfect. Here is how to make them with the color mist:Step 1: Put your Oreos on a paper towel and shake your color mist really well (just like you would a can…

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