Fishing Cake

For all the fishermen out there this cake is for you!  This cake was a special cake for me.  I grew up fishing with my dad (the best fly fisherman my eyes).  I have many fond memories of getting up in the wee hours of the morning and driving out to a picturesque lake.   I cherished spend quality time with my dad, chatting, munching on crackers (cause we all know the fish bite when you are eating), and enjoying the beauty of the lake.  Fishing wasn't necessarily my thing, but it was that time with my dad that made it special.  When my oldest son started to love fishing it was so fun to hear him and my Dad talking about their latest fishing trips over the phone, through emails, and letters.  It really created a bond between them even with them even though they were across the country from each other.
So when my son said he wanted a fishing cake for his birthday I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like.  Below is a picture of the finished cake!  
The Kreel (that is what that kind of basket is called), is made of cake with a fondant basketweave pattern on it.  The rocks, fish, fly fishing rod, and reel are made of modeling chocolate.  I loved making it and especially loved to hear the birthday boy and my father say how much they loved it!  And it was also fun to hear some of the birthday friends tell which part of the fish they wanted to eat!  "I would love the fish head, please!" hehehe

Now doesn't it just make you want to catch some fish?

I will post a tutorial on how to make this cake soon!


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