Sunday, July 13, 2014

Super cool tool! The Cake Marker

Have you ever had to put a band of fondant around a cake and struggled to make it perfectly level all the way around?  Or needed to pipe something and things are just a little off? Well I found this new tool when browsing the isles at Michaels (I know, dangerous to browse!).  I had my doubts, but now I love this new tool!  It is the Cake Marker by Wilton.  It was only $6 and I have already used it on two cakes, and it helped me decorate them so much faster it has already earned it's keep!  
You slide the points (which can easily be popped off and on) to the height you need and mark the cake with a dot or slide it around the cake to make a line.

Here I am using the Cake Marker on the Kemsley wedding cake.  I gently scored the fondant with the Cake Marker then applied the fondant around the cake using the line as a guide.

For Jen's wedding cake I needed to pipe a swag of pearls.  If it was just a piped line that would be fine, but I wanted the pearls all around the cake to be about the same.  So I marked points at the top peaks and the bottom with the Cake Marker then used a stylus to connect them to give me a small line to pipe over.  It was a huge help!

I  have not been compensated in any way for this review.  I just like to share the cool tools I like in order to help you make cake decorating easier for you.  You can buy this tool here.  Or even better go to Michaels and use your coupons!

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