Star Wars Cake

One of the popular themes that I have seen over and over is Star Wars.   Star Wars is a great them for any age, and any gender really.  The party that this cake was for had half boys and half girl guests and they all had a blast.  With Star Wars the cake ideas are endless and can vary in their difficulty.  
Here is a simple Star Wars Cake that I made for Matthew.  
Cover the board with a thin layer of shortening and then cover the board with fondant and set aside to dry for at least 6 hours or more before placing the cake on top.  Cover the cake with fondant and make some light sabers, the words, and the death star and stars.  To make the words you can either print out the Star Wars logo and use as a template to cut out the fondant letters or use a cutter machine (cricut or Silhoutte) to cut them out.  The R2D2 is the top of a Star Wars pez dispenser.

"May the Force Be With You" as you make your next Star Wars Cake!


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