Cadbury Egg Easter Cake

For Easter this year I wanted to make a cake that was different and unique, but kind of funny.  My husband loves to eat Cadbury Creme Eggs (which don't do anything for me), and my boys like chocolate, but not really the creme filling.  So in my house around Easter my boys sometimes take a bite, realize it has filling that they don't like, and leave it somewhere.  And then I hear from my husband, "Hey, who took a bite of my Cadbury Creme Egg?"    So I thought it would be funny to make a cake of "Hey, who took a bite of my Cadbury Creme Egg?!"  

Now this is a really simple cake to make even if you aren't experienced with fondant.  Here is how you do it.
Take your round cakes and stack and torte them. (The size of the cake rounds depends on how many people you want to feed.  If you only need to feed a few people then use 6 inch round cakes up to 12 in rounds for tons of people.)  I used 4 layers of cake.  Just stack them like you would a regular cake.  Then take your serrated carving knife and cut in at an angle on the bottom to make it look rounded like the bottom of the egg. You don't have to do anything to the top but frost it.  Then crumb coat the whole thing making sure you have more white frosting at the top so it looks like the creme.  Then take your chocolate fondant and roll out a long strip and can go around the entire cake, but a little taller and wrap it around  the cake.  Or your can use two pieces since Cadbury Creme Eggs have seams on each side so it would look authentic.   Now really since you are going to cover it you wouldn't have to make the chocolate fondant look perfect or smooth, but me being the perfectionist that I am, it has to look right even underneath. hehehe  Then tint some piping gel with yellow food paste and drop in the middle and smooth slightly.  Then take some cake board paper (either gold or silver and cut to the circumfrence of the cake.  Put a light layer of piping gel on the chocolate fondant to make the cake foil stick to it to look like a wrapper.  Lastly play with the wrapper to shape it so it looks like someone peeled it back to take a bite.

Now go eat/make some Cadbury Creme Eggs!  Happy Easter!


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