Christmas Goodies

Now that November is almost over it is time to start thinking about Christmas and all the goodies that go with it. I was thinking about how many we really make in December and it is daunting!  Here are some that I came up with:
There are cookie exchange parties.
Gift baskets for friends and neighbors stuffed with goodies.
Treats for Teachers and Bus Drivers. 
Treats for Christmas Parties.
Treats for school Christmas Parties.
Gingerbread Houses
Birthdays (for the poor souls that have birthdays close to Christmas).
Christmas Cakes or Christmas Desserts (yule logs).
And you can't forget Cookies for Santa!

So what goodies are you all making???  I hope over the next couple of weeks to give you more ideas to use for all of these things!  So that will be lots of baking in my house!

These are some goodies that I made for Book Club the other day.  My Double Chocolate Crunch cookies ( a fudge chocolate cookie with Chocolate chips and pecan pieces) and Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fudge.    I hope these inspire you and get you in the baking mood!


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