Chocolate Pecan Feather Cake???

I made the most delicious, light, chocolaty, mouth watering cake last weekend and I don't know what to name it. So I am putting it out to you. I got the recipe from Gesine Prado who owns a bakery in Vermont.  I tweaked her recipe to make mine so I wanted a different name for it. 

Let me describe a little what it is like to give you info to help with the name. It's main ingredients are Pecans (no flour so it is totally gluten free!) and egg whites, eggs, and a little sugar.   So a really light, airy, fluffy, melt in your mouth type of cake with a nutty flavor.  The chocolate frosting is so deep( but not dark), rich, and smooth that matches perfectly with the cake.  Lets just say the family (extended family too) said it was hands down their favorite cake.  And my children who normally eat the fondant or the frosting off the top and leave the cake, ate everything and were licking their plates asking for more. 

So leave a comment and let me know what you think I should name it.  I would love to hear what you think. And if you are the winner of the best name I will make you a treat. 

I wish I could mail everyone a piece of this, but it is so fluffy that it would not hold up in shipping and the entire cake was gone in minutes.  The only down side to this cake it it would not be sturdy enough for me to carve or decorate in fondant. But, by itself it is a beauty. Even though my picture doesn't do justice and I chose the wrong cake plate to serve it on (chocolate pieces got stuck in the groves).


  1. Can you share the recipe?? I want to try it! Then I will think of a name for it... :)

  2. If you gave us the recipe we could try it out - and then we could come up with a name for the "baby" :D


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