Monster Cake Class

Halloween will be soon upon us.  Here is the first of the fun Halloween treats.  A simple monster cake, but totally cute.  But, what is more fun than a Monster cake?  

A Monster cake decorating class!

Each girl received a 6 inch round cake and was taught how to make cake ball eyeballs and how to make the fur for their monster.  Then they were let loose (with assistance as needed) to create their own unique monster.  It was a lot of fun! And they all had super cute Monsters to take home.  


  1. Andrea, if you offer more decorating classes let the public know. I think my girls would love it!

  2. Kayla,
    I can do a cake class anytime. This was a little girls birthday party that I did. If you have an idea of a cake class that you would like your girls to do let me know.


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