Mini Spider Cakes

Happy Halloween!  We don't have power or internet, so I am using a friends internet to post this!  It was just too cute not to share.  I love these little mini cake spiders! And they are sooooo easy to make! 
This is what you need: 
-Cake or cupcakes
-Chocolate fondant or brown fondant for the head and neck.
-Chocolate frosting or ganache ( the spreadable kind).
-White fondant for eyes/fangs
-A tiny bit of black fondant for the eyes.
-Black and red food coloring pens (optional, but looks so cute with it) to add the little dots to the eyes.
-Gumpaste knife tool to make the mouth (can use a toothpick if you don't have the gumpaste knife tool).
-Star tip 21 (for the body) and tip 3 (for the legs).

So take your 3 inch round cake (which I cut from a larger cake with my three inch circle cookie cutter) or cupcake (without a wrapper) and place it on the plate or platter that you want.  Pipe using a large star tip the fur on the body of the spider.  Then using tip 3 pipe the legs.  take the brown/ chocolate fondant and make a small ball about the size of a marble for the neck and then a larger ball about the size of a silver dollar for the head.  use your fingers to indent the area where the eyes are going to go.  Insert two white balls of fondant in the eye sockets and flatten them with your finger.  Then use the food color pens to add red and black dots.  Add the black and white for the rest of the eyes.  Using your gumpaste tool make an opening for the mouth and then add on little fangs and you are done!
 Ideally you would want each spider on their own individual plate so they are easy for people to take one without messing up the legs and cute design, but it all gets eaten so it is ok if you don't.
I hope you all had a Spiderific Halloween. 


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