Mini Coffin Cake

Here is another Halloween cake.  It is a little more on the spooky side, but my boys still loved it.  Coffins are a pretty simple shape to carve out and if you are doing Mini cakes like this one you can get a few coffins out of each square cake.   The skull and bones we made from a Wilton Chocolate Mold that makes the whole skeleton.  But, instead of using chocolate I just used fondant to be quicker. 

 Here is a picture of the cake with a fork next to it to show you how small it is.  It feeds 1 maybe 2 people.  
I love Mini Cakes.  They seem to be a new trend as like cupcakes.  Some people order mini cakes for each person and some order the mini cake for the guest of honor and then cupcakes for everyone else.  I think it is  such a fun idea! And of course any mini cake can be made larger if you like a design that is a mini cake; and almost any larger can can be made mini as well. Have any of you made mini cakes???


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