Diaper Bag Cake

My friend recently welcomed an adorable little boy in to their family.  Of course we had to have a party/baby shower to welcome him.  For the shower the theme is Diapers since we are getting her the items you need for cloth diapering.  So I was thinking what kind of cake can I do for a Diaper shower.  A diaper out of chocolate cake would be a little gross, so the next best thing is a diaper bag! 
The diaper bag is fairly simple to make. It is made from two 10 inch square cakes that I cut in half and stacked on top of each other.  Then round the corners and the top edges.  The hardest part is covering it in fondant.  I did this by rolling out a long rectangle and wrapping it around the sides.  Immediately put the design or pattern in the fondant before it hardens.  Then add the the pockets, blanket, toys ,and the straps.  And don't forget the monogram. 

Welcome Baby Arthur!


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