Running Shoes Cake

I had the honor of making this cake for a man that ran a 100 mile race.  Yes I said 100 miles!  To me that seems impossible, but he did it in 27 hours an 28 minutes!  WOW!  The shoes were patterned after the shoes that he wore for most of the race.  They were a very intricate shoes to make and had lots of hand painting, but I was happy with how they turned out. 

 Here is a side view of the shoes.

The last running shoe cake I made I had forgotten to take a picture of the cake before I started to crumb coat.  This shows you a little better how I stacked it.  See the Running Shoe Cake Tutorial to see more info how it was made.
Congratulations on an amazing Race!

Here are some tools that I used to make the cake:


  1. The cake was awesome, Andrea! We are still getting compliments - "I thought those were the real shoes!" Haha. Pretty amazing.


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