Ninjago Birthday Cake

Ninjago Legos are a huge new popular set of toys out there for boys. What boy doesn't like Legos?  And if you have Legos that are Ninjas that spin and fight the bad snakes what more could you ask for?  My boys love these new toys especially my eldest son, so naturally he asked for a Ninjago Birthday Cake.  If you are new to fondant cakes this is a great one to start with. It is simple and you don't want it to look perfectly smooth since it needs to look like fabric and that it is wrapped around his face. 

Sorry the picture is a little turned.  I need to work on my picture taking skills. Hehehe

What do you do with your candles if you don't want to put them in the cake and ruin what it looks like?  Take small pieces of fondant and roll them into balls, then stick the cadles in the fondant balls.  It holds the candles up and looks kinda cool  going around the cake!  LOVE IT!

Happy Birthday Tyler!


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