Another Lightning McQueen Cake

If you were to ask a little boy his favorite toy was you have great chances of that being Lightning McQueen or a car of some sort. It is the most popular theme that I have made by far. This is my 5th Lightning McQueen cake in just a two years (most of the cakes I do are totally unique and different themes across the board. The only other theme that I see frequently is Star Wars.)

This little birthday boy just loves Lightning McQueen (already at age 2!) so his mom new that he would need a Lightning McQueen cake for his birthday.  She wanted something simple, but cute. The entire cake is edible, including Lightning McQueen. It is made from fondant that I put in a plastic mold to get his shape and then I painted the accents on him.  The painting was actually pretty time consuming since you have to use the tiniest paint brush possible and in order to paint yellow and orange onto a red car I had to paint those parts white, let them dry and then paint the colors on top of it. I then let him dry for a couple days on a soft foam so he would hold his shape.

Here is a close up of Lightning.
Happy Birthday Ryan!


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