30th Birthday Cake

What kind of cake do you do for your wife's surprise 30th birthday party.  You don't want her to feel old, but want her to feel lovely and pretty, but you don't need a lot of cake.  This was a cute simple cake, but with the frilly bottom it makes the cake look bigger like it is a skirt.  I loved what the husband wanted written on the tag.  It says "Happy 30th Birthday! To the best wife in the world and the best friend I could ever have."  How cute is that!

He also asked for 60 Rose cupcakes for the guests at the party (the cake is just for his wife). 
 These cupcakes are piped to look like a rose.  These are the same ones that I use in Cupcake Bouquets. 
I love the looks of these cupcakes, especially when they are in the bouquets because they look like real flowers.  Wouldn't you like to get a bunch of sweet flowers???  I don't think these would last for too long though. hehehe


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