Strawberry Cake

 Strawberries are some of my families favorite fruit.  The small ones are especially sweet and my kids can't get enough.  But, this big one is much sweeter since it is made out of cake!  This cake was made for a cute little 2 year old that loves Strawberry Short Cake.  Not the food but the Character.  And her mom wanted her to have a big strawberry for her birthday.

In order to make a Strawberry cake you can do two things: 1. Take a square cake and do a good amount of carving to make it into a strawberry.  Or 2. you can take a heart shaped cake and do a little less carving.  You just need to cut down the top edges a bit so it is more flat on the top, and round all the edges and make sure the point is not too pointy.  I also took down the edges a little on the bottom so it would look like it rounded underneath the board.
Then frost in red frosting (which is always hard to get really deep red, but don't worry the color will get a little darker as it oxidizes), add on the seeds (which she wanted pink because of the character strawberry short cake) and add the green leaves!
It looked cute as a strawberry, but I wanted to add a few more details to it.  Doesn't it look better with just a few more things?  The words, number and the little strawberries are all made out of fondant.
Happy Birthday Sadie!


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