Jabba the Hut Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Jabba the Hut was a fun character to make.  
The tools I used to make him are:
1. an exacto knife
2. fondant green(I used avacado green with a little black added in) and white.
3. black food color pen
4. dresden tool

For the body I just looked at a picture of Jabba the Hut and free handed it with the exacto knife. Then use the dresden tool to add some creases to his body since he has rolls of skin (or what ever it is). 

For the arms I rolled out two balls the same size. 

Roll them into tear drops.
 Flatten them with your finger.
 Use your exacto knife to cut fingers on the large side. Then use your fingers to round out the cuts.  Attach the arms to Jabba with a little water.  Repeat with the other arm. 
For the eyes roll out two cream colored balls (smaller than half of a pea).  
 Wrap each eye with a little of the green fondant. 

 Use your food coloring pen to make the slit/pupil. 
 Cut off the back of the eye to make it flatter to his head. So it wont stick out too much. 

Attach them to the head with water.  Then use your dresden too again to make the mouth. 
Before you know it you will have some Jabba the Hut Cupcakes all ready to go.  


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