Mario Kart Cake

This weekend I delivered this 3D Mario Kart Cake for Benjamin's birthday.  He loves to play Mario Kart so that was the theme of his Birthday Party. I used his invitation as the design for the cake.   It was made from two 9x13's (They were both torted and filled because I needed it to be really tall so I could carve the kart out of it), three 6 inch rounds (for the body) and a 6 inch ball cake (for the head and the hat).  I was really nervous driving this to Top Flight Sports Center where the party was being held.  Lets just say I went really slow and cringed anytime there was a bump or pot hole. 

Here is a view of the whole cake.  
The exhausts were made from gumpaste, but the rest of the decorations were fondant.  


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