Kylie Wedding Cake

This weekend I delivered Kylie's wedding cake to Waveny Castle (my favorite wedding location).  Her cake was a 10, 8, and 6 inch tier cake along with a couple kitchen cakes, in the flavors of French Vanilla, Banana, and Red Velvet.  
The design was the Petal Effect Butter Cream Style that I had seen a cake decorator (Melissa Diamond) do a few months back.  And Fresh flowers were placed on the cake as accents all on top of my favorite cake pedestal.  

Here is the cake all finished with the fresh flowers and the table decorations.  Thank you to the Grooms Mother for sending me pictures!  I really love the "Petal Effect" wedding cake style it is a more modern look while very elegant. 

I absolutely love the table cloth they placed on the cake table!  The embroidery is just amazing!

I also have noticed that while most brides are choosing Fondant covered wedding cakes because of the design possibilities (and improved taste), there are still quite a few that still love the Butter Cream cakes.  Do you have a preference?  I am still thinking about this one.


  1. Your cake designs are very smart.....Importantly your petal effect butter cream style cake is very nice and creative one...Your wedding cake and table designs are also very smart.Keep on creating such elegant wedding cakes..Have a creative designer forever....Thanks for sharing your information..

  2. That cake is so beautiful, Andrea! I think I prefer the taste of buttercream, but would go with fondant for the look. It's amazing what you can do!

  3. Andrea, I love how elegant this cake looks. What a simple, but beautiful effect.


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