How to transport a cake on a cake pedestal or cake plate!

Since Kylie's cake was on the cake pedestal it posed a slight dilemma that took my husband and I a little while to figure out.  With the design of the Butter Cream and the tight fit with the cake pedestal I either needed to decorate the entire cake while I was there (risky!) or some how transport the base tier in the cake pedestal to the location!  I chose to transport it even though it caused its' own dilemma.  How do you safely transport a large cake in a cake pedestal while driving over an hour by my self! My first thought was to find a box that was the same size as the cake pedestal so that it would hold it snugly.  That probably would work, but I couldn't find a box exactly the right size.  
This is what we ended up doing was use a wooden board as a heavy base, place some no slip on it, place the cake pedestal on the no slip mat.  Then Screw down some small wooden pieces around the base of the cake pedestal and then screw some strips of wood over the top of the base of the pedestal.  It worked great! And even though I cringed over every tiny bump the cake made it there beautifully.  Then when I got there I used a screw driver to unscrew a couple of the screws and slipped it out (my husband used an electric drill to put the screws in, but I used a screw driver to take them out since to me it is easier so either works.).  Here is a picture of what it looked like.  I should have taken a picture while it had the cake on it, but when you are in cake delivery mode you just want to hurry and get the cake in, set up, and done. 

The reason the pieces of wood are all weird is because my husband just grabbed a bunch of his scrap pieces.

I hope this helps anyone that is in the same situation I was in!  Let me know if you have any questions. 


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