Tangled Cake #2

My niece had her birthday this weekend and wanted a Tangled cake.  After searching for ideas of a new Tangled cake my niece chose this design.  And it had to have Pascal.  She really likes him. The cake was Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate.  I am not kidding the whole thing minus Rapunzel, Pascal, and the flowers are chocolate.  It was my favorite chocolate cake with whipped Chocolate ganache filling with Modeling Chocolate (Magic Chocolate) on top!  I had never tried covering a cake with magic chocolate or modeling chocolate and it isn't easy as you can see since it isn't as smooth as I wanted.  But when you are working with Whipped Chocolate Ganache you can't have too much heat put on it or you will have melting problems.    But, everyone said it tasted amazing so I guess even though it wasn't easy it was worth it.  And the first time is always the hardest.  I am sure I will get better at it.

How do you cover a cake with Modeling Chocolate you ask?  Well you knead the chocolate until a little softer and then run it through a pasta roller until thin (I rolled it until at a 2 setting) then wrap around and lay on top of your cake.  Then use a heating tool and a fondant smoother to get it as smooth as possible.  Heat and smooth, then heat and smooth, and heat and smooth.  It was tedious because every couple minutes I would have to stop since my ganache would start melting and I would have to refrigerate it. So I got it until it was acceptable enough and called it good.

The picture that I got my idea from was on flicker and I will have to try to find it to give them credit.  They had taken a coloring picture which I found while searching for "free tangled coloring pictures" on the internet.  And they had done a royal icing transfer.  I tried to do a royal icing transfer, but I couldn't get the eyes quite right and I accidentally broke it.  So I looked at the coloring picture and tried to copy it by layering different pieces of fondant.
Here is a close up of Pascal

 Last but not least my niece wanted lots of puffy flowers around Rapunzel. 


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