Mother's Day Mini Cakes

Happy Mother's Day

Here are some Mini Cakes that I put together for Mother's day.  I love the idea of mini cakes.  They are 1 to 2 servings of cake and they are cute! To make them I took a cake (any shape or size) and used one of my circle cookie cutters to cut out some round circles of cake (the cookie cutter was a 3 inch circle).  Then stack and frost the way you would a regular cake.  Then design how you want.  The top cake is a verticle ruffle with some gumpaste flowers (white cake with regular buttercream) , the one on the right is a shabby chic design with a gumpaste rose (french vanilla with regular buttercream), and the cake on the left is a ganache drippy cake with a gumpaste carnation (chocolate cake with cookies and cream frosting and ganche dripped on the top and the sides.   I put the cakes on some vintage candle holders I have.  That is what is so fun with mini cakes you can put them on creative things or make 3D cakes on a smaller scale.  I look forward to making more mini cakes in the future.   Happy Mother's Day to all the women out there!


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