Cat In The Hat Cake

The Cat In The Hat is one of the Best Dr. Seuss books, although I would say there are many up there in the rankings that come in a close second or third.  What better to have for your 1st birthday cake then a Cat in the Hat cake!  For this cake I tried something totally new and loved it.  I will be using this technique more in the future. 
I used my Cricut Cake machine to cut out the words and the outlines of the shapes I wanted on the cakes and then I used edible food coloring markers and food coloring to paint on the details.  So they were just white shapes and I added all the color, lines, and details. I really liked doing this.  I felt I was a kid again sitting with my pad and pencil drawing my favoirte characters (I can't draw free hand, but copying a picture I am much better at). 

 For the fish I actually tried having the Cricut Cake cut out all the pieces, but I liked the look of the painted on characters better.

 His hat. 

Thing 1 and Thing 2
 Top view of the cake so you can see the Cat Better. 
I found as I was looking at the pictures in the book (to help me paint on the details)  it was fun to read the story over again (It had been a while since I have read it).  I hope everyone has a Seussical day!


  1. Thank you so much for making this amazing cake for our son's 1st B-day! It was absolutely beautiful! Of course it tasted just as good as it looked:) You are truly talented.


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