St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes and Scalloped Cupcake Wrapper

I was trying to think of what to make for St. Patrick's day.  I had so many ideas, but wanted one that would be simple enough that anyone can do it and they can adapt it to other holidays as well. So I am going to show you how to make cupcake picks or toppers with a few scrapbooking supplies as well as a simple scalloped cupcake wrapper that you can cut by hand.
If you want the template for the cupcake wrapper then either comment with your email below or email me at .  I made it into a pdf and then I tried and tried to figure out a way to make it easy for you to just click and download, but I am not as computer savy as I would like and Google Groups for some reason is not working.  So if I can make it work I will let you know.   ****Update****  If you click on the picture of the template, then right click and save image as.  Then open the picture and print the picture as a full page.  If for some reason you have a problem with this method then let me know and I can still email it to you.

Here is how to make the cute picks (which can be easily made for different holidays).  You need:

Stamps or small pictures (an inch) and ink

Circle 1 1/4 cutter and a 2in scallop cutter

Some adhesive, paper, and toothpicks

Stamp your paper making sure to leave enough space between them to cut them out.  Then use the 1 1/4 circle cutter to cut around them. (I flip the cutter upside down so I can see exactly where to cut and I can center it.  Then use the same or paper that is similar to your cupcake wrappers to cut out double the amount of scalloped circles. 

Use adhesive to adhere the stamped circles to the scalloped circles.  Flip those circles upside down and put glue or adhesive on the back to secure the toothpick to the bottom portion.  Put a plain scalloped circle on the back of the toothpick. 

Let them dry for a few minutes and then they are ready.  

For the wrappers cut out the printed pdf file.  Then lay the template on the paper that you want to use for the wrapper.  Trace around it in a pencil or a colored pencil that is similar to the paper that you are cutting out.  Cut out the wrapper and adhere edges with tape or glue.  Sometimes I find that cupcakes can be different sizes so I would wrap around the cupcake to see what fist best.  

 With this cupcake wrapper design I usually over lap them slightly.  See the picture below.  

Here are some completed wrappers and picks. 

If you have a cutter like a cricut or gazelle or any of the other paper cutters then you can find wonderful svg's  that have intricate patterns.  Here is one that I used with my Cricut Machine and Make the Cut program.  One of my favorite websites to get SVG's  is SVG Cuts .  They have amazing wrappers and picks and the prices are very reasonable.  There are also various free svg files for cupcake wrappers as well. The one below was one I found for free somewhere (sorry I can't remember it was about a year ago).   If you have Sure Cuts A Lot or Make the Cut Program you can make your own as well.

 I hope you enjoy making cupcake wrappers and picks.  Let me know what you make. Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day.


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