Ruffle Ombre with a Pink Peony

It was my birthday this weekend so for my cake I decided to try a design that I had seen that I hadn't tried yet.  So I decided I wanted to make a ruffle ombre cake.  An ombre cake is "shaded or graduated in tone: said of color" according to  And Peonies are my favorite flower so I had to add one on top.    
To make the ruffles on the cake first frost the cake and smooth it out and place it on the board or pedestal that you want to serve it on. Then I place the pedestal or cake board on a turn table to make it easy to add the ruffles.  If you want to make it an ombre ruffle cake then split it into three or more sections (depending on how many shades of frosting you want).  It will then give you a guide of how far to pipe before you move onto the next color.  Then take a piping bag fitted with a tip 104 (rose petal tip) and with the small end up parallel to the cake start piping your ruffles around the sides.  Depending on how hard you squeeze also makes different types of ruffles so play around with it.  As you move down the cake turn the small part of the tip away from the cake to open up the ruffle a little. 


 A close up of the Peony.  I made the Peony with Magic Chocolate (I will be telling you more about the product soon), which is a new product that I got at the last Cake show.   It was so nice to make the flower with the modeling chocolate because it held it's shape really well, but you can't frill the petals with a ball tool you really have to use your fingers.  But it turned out pretty well. The only down side is it is pretty heavy, but since it was on the top of the cake that wasn't a problem.
Let me know if you make any Ruffle or Ombre cakes!  I would love to see pictures.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA!!! Hope you had a great day?

    I have only ONE word for this cake: STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING!!! (I didn't say I wasn't going to repeat myself now, did I?) ;-))

    Do you have a tutorial on the peony? I want to have a go at a ruffled cake like this, not sure I can do it, but practice makes perfect, so there's hope, haha.

    Well done Andrea.

    Greetings from DK.

  2. Yes I have a Peony tutorial. Click on the flowers tab at the top and scroll down a little and you will find it. Just remember every single flower is different so all the flowers you make will be beautiful.

  3. Here is the link to the Peony tutorial if that is easier.


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