Jacobean Style Cake

You are probably wondering what is Jacobean style???  So was I until I looked it up on the internet.  This is what I have found.  It was a style of furniture, tapestry, architecture, clothing, and home decor from the 1600- about 1649.  It was during the rein of King James the 1st (think of King James bible, yeah the same guy!) and his son Charles the 1st.  The style I used was pulled from some designs on pillows, tapestry and clothing that I have seen.  It normally consists of some vines with unique flowers coming from them.  The colors can vary, but I like the greens, blues and teals that I saw.  

Here is a pillow with Jacobean design that I found on Google images.  
I am really hooked on this style!  I would love to do more with this!


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