Caramel Apple Candy Cake

Who doesn't love Caramel Apples and Candy!  Why not make them into a cake.  This was a really fun cake to make.  
Here is how I made it. I used the Wilton Ball Pan and only filled it a little less than half way.  And I also baked two six inch layers as well.  I cut off a little of the top of one of the ball sides so it would sit flat on the bottom, then added frosting and one six inch layer.  Since the cake is too tall I then put in supports and a seperator board to then hold another six inch layer and the top was the other side of the ball pan.  I did cut the top a little to make the indentation of an apple (where the stem usually goes).  I used a 1/2 inch dowel for the caramel apple stick.  To insert us a pencil sharpener (that is only used on dowels NOT pencils) and make a point, and then use your craft hammer to insert through the cake, the separator board and down into  the base board.  This will also keep the cake from moving if you are transporting it. Then cut the base board down to size, and crumb coat.  

Lastly cover the apple with green fondant and then wrap the base with the caramel.  It is so easy to wrap with the caramel because the base doesn't need to be cut off it is just the puddle of the caramel!   Just tuck under to show the shape of the apple and ta da! Then make some candies for the board and you are finished.  My kids kept thinking that the candies and lolly pops were real.   I think my favorite have to be the lolly pops that twist around the stick. 
I based the cake off of a picture of a cake I had seen by Andrea Sweetcakes.   I hope you all have a  "Sweet Weekend"


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