Valentines Cake Pops / Heart Cake Pops Tutorial

Here is another Valentines Cake Pop idea.  It also is another cake pop I used with a chocolate mold.  It was very simple to make and you can make them rather quickly with the heart molds.  I took the Chocolate mold and laid a layer of plastic wrap over the chocolate mold. in order to release the cake pop quickly and easily.    If you aren't quite sure how to make cake pops here are some quick instructions. You need 1/2 of a 9x13 cake and 1/2 cup of frosting of your choice.  Crumble the cake after it has cooled, by rubbing two pieces against each other into a large bowl.  Stir in the 1/2 cup of frosting and mix thoroughly. Roll into balls or what ever shape you want. If the mixture is too dry then add just a little more frosting at a time.  If it is to wet then crumble in more cake.  This makes about 40 cake balls (If you want more detailed instructions with pictures you can see my tutorial on Coconut Cream Cake Pops ).  
 I took pieces of the cake/frosting mixture that I had already mixed together and pressed them into the chocolate mold that was covered in plastic wrap. Lift the plastic wrap to pull out the hearts lay them on a parchment paper covered cookie sheet.  Then chill them for about 20 minutes in the refrigerator.  

Melt your dipping chocolate And dip the hearts.  Lift them out and gently shake back and forth to get rid of excess chocolate.  It is ok if a little chocolate pools at the bottom of them like the top one in the picture below because you can easily just break it off or use a pairing knife to gently cut off the chocolate.   If you are dipping cake balls that are made with dark cake in white chocolate you may have to dip them twice so the cake doesn't show through.

Since I was adding some pink on I didn't need to dip them twice.  I used the left over white chocolate and tinted it pink with some color made specifically for chocolate (you can't use regular colors you would use to tint your frosting because it will seize your chocolate, but you can use any oil based coloring).  Place the tinted chocolate in a ziplock  and cut the tip off.  Drizzle the chocolate over the hearts and let that set up.  Once it has hardened lift the hearts off and snap off the extra drizzles.

You can either leave them as hearts or you can add the sticks on the back to make cake pops.  With hearts it would be hard to insert them before dipping because you can loose the point at the bottom.

So I attached the lolly pop stick to the back of the hearts with a little more chocolate.  

Here you can see it attached on the back.  Normally I would have used white so it would blend in and not show, but I hadn't thought about it before I tinted all of my white chocolate pink. But, no one is going to be looking at the back of your cake pops anyways they get eaten too quickly!  


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