Football Cake Pop Tutorial

I love finding new uses for things I already have.  So I was thinking what kind of Superbowl treat I could make.  I had left over cake and frosting so I thought I would make some cake pops or cake balls.  But instead of just plan old cake pops I wanted something footballish.  So I was looking around at the things I have and saw an egg mold for chocolates.  Eggs are similar in shape to footballs.  But, with a chocolate mold how would you get the cake pop out???  The answer is Saran Wrap or any plastic wrap you have. So really you can use any chocolate mold you have to make a cake pop!  This opens up even more possibilities! YEAH!
After I had mixed the crumbled cake and frosting to the consistency I wanted, I placed saran wrap over the chocolate mold and pressed the cake into the chocolate mold.  If there is too much cake then just pinch off the excess. Then to release I just lifted the plastic wrap and out they come.  

Then pinch the rounded end so it has a point to look like a football and chill them in the fridge for 20 minutes or so.

Dip them in melted chocolate and gently lift them out while shaking off the excess chocolate and place on parchment to dry.  Don't worry if there is little pooling of chocolate around the base, it can be easily broken off or use a paring knife to gently cut off.   Then melt some white chocolate and either put it in a piping bag and pipe on the lines or put in a zip lock baggie and snip off the end and pipe away.

Since they are a little on the larger side I was worried about inserting a stick ( to make them cake pops) in them before dipping.  So I just added a little chocolate to the back of the football (preferably the same color as the football so it is less noticeable)  and place a lolly pop stick in it and held it or propped it there until it dried.

I hope you all had a great Superbowl weekend.  What treats did you make for the Superbowl?


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