Cupcake Swirl Designs

Often times I find my self saying what a beautiful swirl on the cupcake, but what tip did they use????  There are so many different frosting tips that you have a plethera of options when wanting a pretty swirl on your frosting. Here are some pictures of some different tips to help you make your choice on what tip you want to use for your cupcakes. Wilton has a few tips, but Ateco offers so many more options in varying sizes. But, Ateco tips are large tips so they use more frosting, put more frosting on the cupcake, and are a little too big looking on mini cupcakes (but it is doable if you are careful).  Oh, my swirls aren't all perfect, since my kids were dancing around my legs begging for cupcakes.  I will have to be more stealth when baking during the day. 

                                                                      Ateco 828

Ateco's 829
 The 829 is just a little bigger than the 828.  Here is the top view.

side view

Ateco 808
A large round tip.  I also have Ateco 809 which is just a little larger.

Ateco 848

Ateco 868

Ateco 869
Just a little bigger than the 868.

1M tip by Wilton
I love this tip!  I use it to make roses for my cupcake bouquets
To make the rose start in the center of the cupcake and swirl outward.

Here is the 1M swirled.

4B by Wilton
This swirl is definitely not perfect so you will have to excuse it.  I find this similar to Ateco's 868 and 869, just quite a bit smaller.  Perfect if you want it on a mini cupcake with the same design.

2D by Wilton
This tip is technically a tip that you make drop flowers with, but I love what it does as a swirl on a cupcake.  It reminds me of a girly skirt.  Very fancy looking.

I hope this helps you choose what tips you want when you are decorating cupcakes.


  1. Brilliant - thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thank you! Very good guide of tips! Exactly what I needed.


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