Simple Valentines Cupcakes / Heart Cupcakes

When I think of Valentines I think of yummy treats and Chocolate.  Here is a simple valentines idea that uses chocolate cupcakes.  

This is what you need:
Chocolate cupcakes
Serrated knife
Mini heart cutter (I got mine out of a 101 cookie cutter kit by Wilton)
Frosting (coloring of your choice)
Nonpareils or Sprinkles (optional)

Directions:  Bake your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe, preferably one that has a little dome shape at the top when it bakes.  Once they have cooled use a serrated knife and cut the top off the cupcake right above the cupcake wrapper.  Then take your mini heart cutter and cut a heart out of the center of the cupcake top.    

Make sure to cut it out of the center (see below) I wasn't paying attention with this one and it is a little off. Take the cut heart out of the cupcake and set aside (you can put frosting or sprinkle some powdered sugar on top as a tiny snack)

Spread the frosting on the cupcake and place the top back on the cupcake and  push down to allow the frosting to come up and fill in the heart section.  You want to make sure your frosting is thin so it can fill the center.  If it is too thick just add a table spoon at a time mixing it in until it reaches a thin enough consistency. 

For fun I tried adding different toppings as well.  I like the Nonpareils just angle the cupcake so they go on the sides.  I didn't like the sanding sugar. (not pictured) It just looked a little messy and is too crunchy for me.  If you use sanding sugar just use a little bit. 

Or you can fill it in completely with Jimmies and heart sprinkles.  



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