Cake Plates

I love cake plates.  They can turn a beautiful cake into a breathtaking cake.  They also can make a beautiful display of cupcakes or other desserts.  My husband although is not as big of a fan than I am because they take up a lot of room.  I thought I would show you my collection.   
White square cake plates:  From the Martha Stewart collection at Macy's.  They all can be used separately or stacked for cupcakes or other desserts.  The smallest one (top) can hold up to a 6 inch square cake.  The medium sized one can hold up to an 8 inch square cake.  And the Large cake plate can hold up to a 10 inch square cake. 

White Round Cake plate:  Can hold up to an 11 inch  round cake .  I actually have 2 of them, which works really well if you have two cakes or cupcakes.  You can find this at Bed Bath and Beyond.  
Scalloped cake plates: You purchase them as a pair.  They both hold up to an 8 inch round cake.  You can purchase them at Costco.  

Funky scalloped cake plate:  Hols up to an 8 inch round cake.  I got it as a present, but I think it was purchased  at  Home goods. 

Yellow cake plate: I also have the same one in pink.  Holds up to a 10 inch round cake.  I got this one at Christmas Tree Shop.    

Eyelet Cake Plate:  Holds up to a 10 inch round cake.  This was a gift  so I am not sure where they got it. 

Clear cake plate: Holds up to a 9 inch cake.  I can't remember where I got this one, but they are pretty easy to find.


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