Cars 2 Cake

My middle son absolutely LOVES the Cars movies. That has been his design for his birthday cakes since the first movie came out.  Even the day after his birthday he will tell me what design he wants for his cake for next year.  And it always involves the Cars characters in some way.

After seeing the Cars 2 movie this summer, he told me that he is going to have a Cars 2 cake even as we were walking out of the movie theater.  And since then he has been designing the cake (not this cake though).  The Cars 2 cake he designed originally was extremely large and would probably feed about 200 people.  He wanted it to be the race through Italy on the coast line with the beautiful buildings on the mountain side with Professor Z's men shooting the ray camera at the cars that were racing on the elaborate track.  After he laid out his plans to me of what he wanted me to make a couple weeks ago we discussed how long that would take me and that we would have way too much cake (His party only had 11 people to feed).  So he came up with a simpler design from the end of the movie when the cars are racing around the land by Radiator Springs.  He came up with everything, the colors, how big it was going to be, the colors of the land and even the waterit was still too big for how many people would be there, but I didn't want to dampen his second design so I went with it).  Everything!  And as I was putting the final touches on his cake he came in and wanted to help me do the last of the decorations.  He choose where certain cars would go as well as all the rocks, and signs.  I may have a little cake decorator on my hands. It is so fun to see our children grow and see what talents they have been blessed with.  Way to go big guy!  Happy Birthday!

P.S. The cake was a french vanilla cake with strawberries and cream filling!  Yum!


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