Thin Mint knock offs

Who can resist those wonderful girl scout cookies!  For me the Thin Mints are the cookies hardest for me to resist, but the price tag makes it a little easier to resist.  So I decided to find a recipe that would be not only easy to make, but taste similar to those melt in your mouth cookies. Here is the one that I like the best!

The things you need are:

  • Ritz crackers (I used 2 packs out of the box. Each pack is about 24 cookies.  The amount of cookies you make depends on how thick of a coating you give them.)
  • Some kind of coating chocolate(1 pound) Merkins dark chocolate or chocolate Almond Bark (there isn't any almonds or nuts in it in-case you can't have nuts), you can even use chocolate chips with a little shortening.  Do not use Wilton brand chocolate!  Every time I use the Wilton brand I am disappointed.  It is thick and easily seizes. 
  • Peppermint Oil (I like LorAnn Oil) about 6 drops (a little goes a long way, but if you like lots of peppermint taste then add more.)
  • Parchment paper
  • A microwaveable bowl to melt your chocolate in.
  • A fork and a spoon.
  • Something to serve them on if they last that long. 

 In the picture I have vanilla almond bark, but that is only because I used up all my chocolate almond bark on the cookies and should have taken the picture before making them.  So make sure to use the chocolate not the vanilla. 

  1. Prep everything.  Get your parchment laid out you spoon and fork ready and your almond bark chopped up into small pieces and in the bowl to microwave.  If you have Merkins chocolate (looks like the Wilton coating disks you don't have to chop it up but if you do it goes faster.  Open the Ritz crackers. 
  2. Melt the chocolate in the microwave bowl.  I start by microwaving on full power for 30 seconds.  Then stir with the spoon.  Then stick it back in the microwave for 15 seconds (no more or you could seize it) then stir again. It might need a little more so microwave again for 15 seconds and stir until smooth.  If the chunks are pretty small then keep stirring it will probably melt after you mix for about a minute.  If they haven't completely melted keep going with the 15 second intervals until it is smooth after stirring.  If your chocolate is too thick you can add some paramount crystals (you can get at cake decorating stores) or a little canola oil or melted shortening. 
  3. Add the peppermint flavoring to the chocolate and stir.  I put in about 6 drops maybe a little more.  
  4. Drop in a couple Ritz crackers in the chocolate bowl.  Use the spoon to pour some on top of the crackers. 
  5. Use the fork to lift one cracker out of the bowl.  Shake the cracker gently side to side to get rid of excess chocolate (so you don't get a huge puddle of chocolate underneath the cookie) and tip the fork to allow the cookie to slide off the fork onto the parchment.  
  6. Continue until all the crackers or chocolate is gone.  If the chocolate starts to get thicker and harder to work with just microwave it for another 15 seconds and stir and it should return to dipping consistency. 
  7. Allow the cookies to firm up.  It only takes a few minutes, but if you are in a huge rush you can always put your parchment on a cookie sheet and place them in the refrigerator.    
  8. Once they are firm you can break off any tiny pieces of chocolate that is on the edge of the cookies.  
  9. Enjoy!


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