I love taking classes!  I love learning in general, but to learn from the Masters you can't go wrong.  I even got to meet James Roselle who was teaching a class next door (he probably one of the best gumpaste flower makers ever)! I took a cakelet class with Amy Eilert.  She is the owner of Cupcake Envy in North Carolina and she specializes in Cakelets which are mini cakes.  I made this coffe/hot chocolate mug during her class and she taught us how to make any type of cakelet in general.   It was a lot of fun.

The only thing I wish I would have done is to take a picture of my cakelet before I went home.  I waited because I had the junky camera and the back ground wasn't the greatest.  But, if I had known what would happen to it I would have taken a picture right then and there. On my drive from New Jersey home a crazy driver almost hit me.  If I hadn't swerved I would have been totally crushed (I was driving in my husbands little car and the crazy driver was in some SUV). I was changing lanes from the far right into the middle lane and he came zooming up probably 90 miles an hour in the fast lane and pulled into the same spot I was (I was already almost totally in the middle lane by then and then he zoomed on.  Well lets just say when I swerved the cake flew and got a little damage.  Here is a picture of the aftermath.  The kids still loved eating it though. They didn't care what it looked like. But, I learned my lesson.  Always take a picture and then you can always take more pictures later and just use the best ones.  Just in case.  Learn from my mistakes.   I hope to make lots more mini cakes in the future as well.  So be on the look out.  


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