Joke Cakes/ Milo's cake

I had my very first Joke cake last weekend.  When I was talking to Jane about what kind of cake she wanted for her sister-in-law she wanted something pink and sparkly and girly with a giant 50 on top this sounded great, I had done things like that before. Then she continued that she wanted to put her sister-in-laws dog on it (lately I have actually seen quite a few cakes where the beloved dog is on there) and then she added that she wanted Milo to be peeing on the 50.  I thought she was kidding!  Then she mentioned how the dog isn't potty trained very well and pees on the floor every day and that if he peed on the 50 her sister-in-law would think it was really funny.  So I began the cake.  Here is the Elegant portion. At this point it could even be a smaller wedding cake.  

Here is Milo (and yes his leg is up and ready to aim on that 50). 

And here is the finished cake. In the end I couldn't help, but love Milo.  I even got to meet him when I delivered it.  And luckily there wasn't any pee on the floor. And yes, the sister-in-law loved it.  


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