Baseball Cake

What kind of cake do you make for a little boy that loves baseball?  You could make a big baseball or a baseball bat.  The hat of their favorite team or a baseball diamond, or how about all of that.  I was going to make a baseball glove too, but ran out of time.

The cake is a 10 inch square white sour cream cake with a chocolate filling.  The hat is half of a sports ball pan and a 6 inch put together(the bill of the hat was some fondant on the cardboard to give it more of a rounded shape (the cardboard underneath is the full shape of the hat to help support it).  The bat is fondant formed around a dowel to help hold it's shape.  And the ball is made of rice crispies that I squished into a ball and covered with chocolate and then fondant, which was then painted.  And it was placed on a 20 inch wooden board.

Happy Birthday Tyler!


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