Suitcase Cake / Missionary Cake

My Brother-in-law just got home from serving a mission for our Church and we had a homecoming party for him. I made a suitcase that looks similar to his and made "stickers" (images of travel stickers they have for suitcases and bumpers) on the cake of the cities that he served in.

Here is a top view of the cake.
Almost everything was edible. The "stickers" and the white part of the pull handle are not edible, but everything else was. The "stickers" weren't since I don't own an edible printer yet (but I put them on extra pieces of fondant which we took off when it was time to serve it); and the pulling handle (the white part that sticks out of the cake are skewers that were wrapped in floral tape and hot glued to the bottom support of the cake that raised if off the board.


  1. So great, Andrea, I bet this will be a big seller!

  2. Very cute and sentimental too! I love it!

  3. This cake is so impressive, it's INSANE!


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