Star Wars- Darth Vader cake

Star Wars the ultimate guy movie you see all sorts of ugly looking bad guys, Light Saber fights, flying space ships, and the good guy always wins. Ask any guy a question about Star Wars and 99% would be able to answer any question you have. My husband felt it was a must to educate his sons in the world of Star Wars and the movies have now become their favorites (they have not watched the 3rd movie when Anikin becomes Darth Vader because that is a little too scary for my 6, 4, and 3 year old.) And the funny thing is that my boys can get scared of Disney movies, but NOT Darth Vader? I don't understand, but that is the way it is. So when My oldest son told me what cake he wanted for his birthday I wasn't surprised.
Every time I see Darth Vader I think of his theme song! Well here he is (waist up at least).
This was a fun cake to make and fairly simple to make as well. It is a Chocolate cake with Chocolate Ganache frosting/filling and a thin layer of fondant on top. The head was made with a 6 inch round cake (2 layers) and an inch cut off the bottom of the 9x13 cake (2 layers) to help make the bottom of the helmet. The body is the rest of the 9x13 minus the one inch you cut off for the helmet. The hands and facial/body details are made entirely of fondant. The Light Saber is fondant wrapped around a bubble tea straw.


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