We all scream for Ice Cream, Ice Cream Cupcakes that is.

Here is a cute Cupcake Cake that I put together for my son and his friends for his birthday party. Since there were so many kids coming I used a lot of cupcakes, but I would have done probably 5 cupcakes on the left, 6 in the middle and 5 on the right for a smaller group.

Here is how you make it. Bake your cupcakes, make 1 batch of chocolate frosting and a batch of regular buttercream. I split the regular butter cream into three bowls, one I left white, one I colored green (to look like mint chocolate chip ice cream), and the last bowl I colored pink (to look like strawberry ice cream). Grab all the different types of sprinkles and chocolate chips you have to add as toppings on the ice cream cupcakes. You also need Waffle cones, you can probably use the other kinds of cones, but I like the look of the waffle cones.

Start by cutting a little off the back of the waffle cones so they can sit flat on the board and I attached it to the board with a little frosting.
Then I like to arrange the cupcakes on the board to get an idea of what it looks like. I then slide them a tiny bit to give myself room to pipe the frosting on. I used a tip 12 and first did a layer on the cupcake an then made a couple swirls at the bottom to make it look more like an ice cream scoop. Then I added some toppings to make them look cute and on the top I took some red fondant to make "cherries" and used a wire that I painted red to be the stem. I hope you give these a try!

A close up of the top of the ice cream scoop.  


  1. That is so adorable how to "stacked" the cupcakes to look like individual ice cream scoops! I LOVE it! :)


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