Teacher Gifts

I always find myself trying to think of what to do for teacher gifts at the end of the school year. Since my son wanted something that he could hand to his teachers (not the class group gift) and I didn't want to break the bank (two teachers and three helpers in his preschool class) I made some apple sugar cookies. They are insanely easy. Bake your cookies. Roll out red fondant and use the same cookie cutter to cut the fondant as you did the cookie. Use a knife and cut off the stem part. Then take a little brown/chocolate fondant and roll it into a ball and then roll one end into a point and attach to the cookie! It is that simple!


  1. Very inspiring gift for teachers. I remember my teachers in elementary they are all fashionista and they want fashionable accesories. I think if I give them that kind of gift they will treasure it so much.

  2. I'm sure the teachers who will receive these will be so happy. Teachers are the ones who are responsible for giving us knowledge so i guess giving them gifts will be appreciated so much.

  3. I'm a teacher and I greatly appreciate what gifts my students will give me, but nothing really beats when you see them strive hard on study.


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