Nothing Says Summer Like a Watermelon!

These watermelon cookies are super simple and perfect for summer time. What you need is a round cookie cutter, a knife, a scalloped heart cookie cutter, some amazing glaze or royal icing or fondant.

For these cookies I used Amazing Glaze. I will have to post the recipe because I really liked using it. It is similar to royal icing, but is softer when you bite into it.

For the regular slices of water melon you cut a circle of cookie dough and then use your knife to cut down the center and then bake and decorate them. For the watermelon with a bite out of them you do the same, but after you cut them in half take your heart cookie cutter that has a scallop design and use the rounded top portion of the cookie cutter to cut the bite out. See really simple.
To decorate with the amazing glaze I tinted 1/4 of it green, left 1/4 white and 1/2 red. First you pipe the green strip on the edge. You want the cookie to set for a few minutes 20ish (but if you are doing a pretty good size batch of them by the time you pipe the green line on all of them you can start the white. Pipe the white line next to the green. When you are piping if you find that part of the lines don't touch then just use a tooth pick to attach the lines so there aren't any gaps. Last, but not least pipe the red. I like to pipe a line on the outside or the bite edge and then just fill in the rest. Once a cookie is filled in slide it back and forth on the table and it will settle. If you find a spot that didn't fill in either use a tooth pick or pipe a tiny bit more in. Once that had dried for at least an hour I used chocolate fondant and made little seeds by rolling them into a ball and then a cone shape and gently pressing them on the cookie.
If you want to wrap them I would let them sit for at least 12 hours so you don't smudge them.


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