Disney's Silvermist Cake/ Disney Fairy Cake

Just in case you are like me and have no clue who Silvermist is don't worry I didn't either. When my niece asked me to make her a Silvermist cake I felt silly, but had to ask her what that was. Since I have boys the world of Disney Fairies is nonexistent to me. So after doing a few searches on the internet this is what I found. Silvermist is a pretty water fairy. She is friends with the animals especially the orange fish and loves to skate across the water (like if you were ice skating). There is also the frog who loves to eat flies and during one part of the latest fair movie he is eating flies while she is performing a beautiful skating dance and just when she is doing an amazing move he burps (from the flies) and it distracts her and she falls in the water.

Here is Silvermist. She is really much prettier than I made her look, but I haven't made too many people before so I am still learning myself. My son says it looks like she doesn't have one arm, but it is an action shot. One arm forward and one backwards since she is skating hard, same with the feet.
I love this cute fish they are much easier than people.
The ever hungry frog. It is kind of hard to see from this picture, but there is a fly on the end of his tongue.


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