Disney's Tangled Cake, 3D Tower

Here is the Tangled cake. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would so the other cakes are next. I was really pleased with the tower, but wanted to do more with the landscape. It was a donation for our church auction to raise money so the youth can go to boy scout and girls camp.
I didn't do step by step becasue that would take forever, but here are a few break downs of what I did. I got a 1/2 inch thick pine board that was 24 inches by 30 inches (home depot cut it for me) as well as a 1/2 flange and 1/2 by 24 inch pipe and 1 inch thick pvc pipe to help hold up the top of the tower. So I made a layout of carboard pieces and torted, carved, and crumb coated the cake. The metal pipe was screwed in and the pvc pipe I cut shorter so it ends right where the top tower begins. Then I cut a foam core piece into a 6 inch round and molded rice crispies in my 6 inch cake pans with parchment so they would come out and made the top using a funnel.
Here it is covered in fondant.
And here it is completed. Not the greatest background, but it is better than my laundry room (the counter top was too small for the board so I had to decorate on the dryer since the kids would be too tempted.


  1. Wow really great job! What did you use for the picture of her in the tower? And don't forget a Silvermist cake - wow you will be busy - sure you can do it for Saturday? Oh and who won the cake?

  2. Of course I can do it for Saturday I wouldn't miss my nieces birthday! The Cope's won the cake and will be using it for one of their girls birthday parties. They are going to eat the actual cake before and save the tower for the party.

  3. So darling! I love it! You are amazing!

    I recently read an interesting story about cakes used at baby parties to announce the babies gender. The outside is white & the inside can be blue for boys, pink for girls. Cool huh. Anyway I thought of you.


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