What would you like to learn?

Sorry, I haven't posted any tutorials or new things in a while. I had surgery about two weeks ago. I am recovering and hopefully will be back up and decorating soon. I am curious to see if there is anything that anyone is interested in learning? Anything in particular or any designs or themes that you need help with? Do you want to see more cupcakes or cakes, cookies, or cake pops? Either email me or make a comment to this post. If not then I will just keep posting as life brings it, but I always love a challenge. I there aren't any special requests then I will do some spring and easter themes to give you ideas of things you can do this month. Andrea


  1. My three year old is having a super hero birthday party and I would love a cake idea. I was thinking of doing 3 layers with each layer a different super hero. Any ideas would be great

  2. I found your website browsing the net and it's amazing. I'm glad I found it. Keep up the amazing work.


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