Cupcake Decorating Birthday Party

One of my good friend's daughters (who also along with her sister are our favorite babysitters for our kids) was having a birthday. She wanted something unique and fun to do with her friends for her birthday so I helped her mom do a cupcake decorating party. Here are a few cupcakes that I put together as examples or ideas of things they could do or make with their cupcakes (she wanted easy flowers and beach themed cupcakes). There were a lot of girls and sometimes seemed a little chaotic, but they had fun and quite a few cupcakes came out really nicely.

Each girl got 4 cupcakes, buttercream, fondant, and a cupcake box to store them in once completed.  I demonstrated how to frost, cover, and how to make different decorations.  Then we let them go with a bunch of cutters and tools.  I went around and helped as needed. I was very impressed with what they came up with.

Happy Birthday Devrie!


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