Flavor Friday- Black Bottom Cupcakes

For this weeks flavor I wanted to try something in the chocolate realm that wasn't your ordinary chocolate. After searching for a while I found the Black Bottom Cupcake. The recipe that i found didn't call for any butter cream or topping of any kind, but after making them and having my taste tester (My husband, especially when it involves chocolate) try them out, plus with out the frosting they aren't too pretty. And it called for an ingredient that I haven't used in cupcakes before that really made me want to try it. Any guesses what the ingredient is???? The answer is... Cider Vinegar! But they taste great. Since you can't eat them, sorry, here is a description of them. The Black Bottom Cupcake is a rich chocolate cupcake with a cream cheese/chocolate filling baked in it, and topped with a small layer of butter cream and mini chocolate chips for garnish.


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