Mini Race Car Tutorial

For my son's birthday he took mini race car cupcakes for his class. I thought I would share with you how I made them. The larger they are the easier they are, but the mini ones are still easy to do.
Tools you will need:
Fondant smoother (or your hands if you don't have one)
pearing knife or pizza cutter
ball tool
coupler and icing tips (I used full coupler-not a wilton one- and tips 10 and 12)
a rolling pin
red, white, black (or what ever colors you want to use)

Start with a ball. Make sure you roll it hard and well so there are no cracks or creases.

Then form it into a cone by putting it in your hands, with your hands in a V shape and roll it back and forth.

Then use your fondant smoother(s) to flatten the back and two sides. If you don't have a fondant smoother you can mold flat sides with your fingers or press it against the table on the sides.

Then flatten the top. I do it at an angle so the car slopes down in the front.

Then cut rectangles that are a little wider than the back of the car and set aside so it can dry.

Roll out the white and cut a strip that is a little longer than the length of the car. And cut out a circle for he top of a car with the tip 12. Adhear the white strip to your car with a little water and cut off excess.

Using your balling tool indent the car for the driver's head about 2/3 back on the car.
The sides may puff a little, just squish them flat again.

Take a pea size of the black fondant and roll into a ball. Take the left overs from the white strip and adhear to the black ball for the helmet and put water in the hole you made in the car and place the helmet in it.

Roll out your remaining black and use your icing tip and coupler to make circles in the fondant. Two with the icing tip and two with the coupler. (either icing tip will do the base of the tip is the same size. )
Use tip 12 and tip 10 to indent (not cut) smaller circles to make the tires of the car.

Attach the tires to the car with a little water.

Make two kidney bean shaped pieces out of the red fondant (about half the size of the helmet or smaller) and attach behind the helmet.

Attach the rectangle you cut earlier, to the top of the kidney bean shaped fondant with a little water.

And the last step is to attach the white circle you cut earlier on the stripe.


  1. I'm sure the kids loved them, wish I was in that class!


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