Crown Cake

I love my little cricut machine. I wish I had the big one (the cricut cake) , but not quite in the budget right now. Anyways the reason I love my cricut machine is look at the crown! Yep, my cricut cut it. I was making a cake for my sweet little neice and she wanted a crown on her cake. And just in case I had made two crowns because I was worried that one might break. So when I got a call last minute that she was sick (after I frosted the cake) that I couldn't let the poor cake go to waste. I was going for the messy look with the frosting, but got the call in the middle of frosting it. And by the time I had gotten back to the cake it crusted so it was a little messier than I had hoped, but not too bad. Since we were already having family up we ate the cake and I topped it with the spare crown to add a little to it. I will post a picture of my neices cake next week when the rain date party is. Her crown is more ornate and has a picture of Fancy Nancy on it.


  1. That crown looks cute - can't wait to see the FN one - she will love it. Sorry we all got sick - tried hard to be healthy but it didn't happen :-)

  2. SO cute! Which cartridge did you use for that crown?


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